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I hit the jackpot for sure this week - now there is a second splendid podfic of one of my fics at the [ profile] hp_podfic_fest! The gifted [ profile] fire_juggler has done a terrific job with Seeing Draco Malfoy (which seems to be the most popular of my fics, probably due to that tetchy Ignatius). She really makes the dialogue come alive, and distinguishes the characters' voices so well. I am honored and impressed! Give it a listen here (and admire the perfect cover art!). Thank you, [ profile] fire_juggler!
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I'd offered some of my fics as possibilities for the [ profile] hp_podfic_fest, but I had no idea that anyone was recording Beekeeping until today, when to my surprise and delight this beautiful recording by [ profile] semperfiona was posted to open the fest! It's such an honor that someone would take the time and care to make a podfic of my work, and she's done a terrific job - I especially love how she reads the dialogue. And she found and put in the music! There are scraps of songs in it, as well as the Malawian national anthem, and she put them in! I teared up when I heard the instrumental bits of it between scenes.

This fic has had fewer readers than my others, but it's close to my heart. Harry's job, home and cat in Malawi (though not, alas, his romance with Draco) are all based on the ones I had there. I was living there when book 7 came out, and I reread the whole series there while I waited for it. (There were enough Peace Corps volunteers who'd been sent copies from home that it made the rounds.) This fic was the first one I began to write (though not the first I finished), after I came home, stumbled into fandom, and got inspired reading H/D Travel Fair fics.

And maybe after this a few more people will know a little more about Malawi, "the warm heart of Africa."

Thank you, [ profile] semperfiona, so much. Zikomo kwabasi.
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Long past time to publicize these generous and beautiful creations that others have made from a few of my fics, and thank the makers. It is such a delight and honor for me. (I am terribly slow at posting in my own journal because I get coding-phobia sometimes, but I have loved each of these since they were created.)

Podfics! Back in round 3 of H/D LDWS, I wrote 8 drabbles about Magical Items and Artefacts. To my great delight, there are podfics of two of these by [ profile] vaysh, and of the complete set (or here on AO3) by [ profile] sisi_rambles! Thank you so so much for this honor, o lovely and wondrous podficcers! It is so amazing to hear someone else read my work aloud.

My story Beekeeping is set in Malawi, a small country in Africa where Harry is a volunteer teacher and Draco has come to see the spectacular fish of Lake Malawi. Shortly after they run into each other by the lakeside, Harry has a dreamy dream - and here is a lovely illustration of it, with gorgeous fish art and happy naked boys, by [ profile] kalime80 - I am so happy that she did this! It's called I dreamt of a thousand scales, and it was you, and it's like a scene of an underwater Eden. (Naked boys, like I said, so maybe NSW.)

Finally, I am incredibly grateful to and in awe of [ profile] phonixfeder, who has now translated all four of my longer fics into German! It's such a pleasure to get the comments from the German readers, and I always learn some new expression - like "kopfkino" (when your imagination starts making mental cinema) or "Holla die Waldfee!" or "He had the Pope in his pocket." Her translations are here:
Funken, die aus dem Schwanz eines Fuchses Kommen (Sparks from the Fox's Tail in German translation)
Das Z├╝chten von Bienen (Beekeeping in German translation)
Abraxan Wings in German translation
Draco Malfoy sehen (Seeing Draco Malfoy in German translation)

Thank each of you so much, it is so encouraging and such a privilege for me. And thank you to everyone who reads, looks or listens!


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