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Sparks from the Fox's Tail: H/D, PG-13 (romance, not explicit), about 17,000 words. Summary: Draco is frustrated with his career as a travel writer, when a mini-tirade from Mrs. Weasley and an encounter with the portrait of an intrepid great-great-great-aunt lead him to Finland to study wandless magic. Harry is – just being contrary and following his sweet-tooth, or taking the subtle route to saving the world?

This is a story of renewal, inspired in part by the genuine and gorgeous Finnish magical incantations you will find within, from a tradition that was still active in the past century.

I've finally written a slash story that passes the Bechdel test! (Includes *at least two women who *talk to each other about *something besides a man.) And it contains actual, not just metaphorical, bee-keeping, unlike my fic of that name!

Many many thanks to my extraordinarily helpful, supportive and all-around wonderful team of Finn-picker [ profile] dark0feenix, Brit-picker [ profile] birdsofshore, and beta [ profile] altri_uccelli, and the patient and fabulous mods of [ profile] hd_fan_fair.

Check out the picture and video gallery for more on Finnish traditions, dogs and northern lights (Chapter 2).

And I am delighted that this fic can be read in German translation, thanks to the awesome [ profile] phonixfeder! Funken, die aus dem Schwanz eines Fuchses Kommen I am ridiculously late posting my fic to my journal, but at least I can announce this translation at the same time!


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