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Well, it has been a week. It started off quietly and nicely with my birthday on Sunday, a rare sunny day in November, with visits with friends and some lovely notes and gifts from LJ friends. (Thank you [ profile] birdsofshore [ profile] capitu and [ profile] dicta_contrion, and [ profile] nia_kantorka - I'm still debating whether to mix the fox userhead with my rabbit name/icon!) But to have a US birthday in the first week of November is always a dicey thing. Monday was the first bad news as I heard that I will quite possibly be laid off after December - I teach English to international students, and enrollment is down. Then election day Tuesday. I don't even know what to say about that unthinkable disaster. Being around like-minded people has helped, psychologically, but as for what's ahead - I guess we're going to need to be Dumbldedore's Army here. Community helps.

At any rate, it is time for me to claim my H/D Pet Fair fic, Hippomancy for Beginners, which was a lot of fun to research, and the fest was wonderful as always.

Title: Hippomancy for Beginners
Author: khalulu
Prompt: # 123
Animal: hippogriff, campchurch, thestrals, Fluffy, mention of Pictish Beast, Uffington White Horse
Warnings/Content Notes:No warnings, but lots of obscure words and phrases beginning with cock.
Summary: When Draco desperately insists on becoming a Centaur Liaison, he doesn’t know what he’s getting into, especially with that annoying hero-turned-hermit Harry Potter living right at the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. Not to mention foreign unicorn women, slavering three headed beasts, bitter brews, unexpected friendships, and the consequences of a very cocky vocabulary.
Word Count:11,500
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